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Trade & Commerce

The significant strategic aspect of the state’s location is that Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides; and the State shares about 856 Km long international border with Bangladesh, which lies mostly in non-mountainous plain areas. The State’s location and socio-economic linkages with Bangladesh position Tripura to be the potential hub for trade with and through Bangladesh for the entire North-East India.
The connectivity to the major locations in Bangladesh through existing networks is already reasonably convenient due to proximity; this can even be further upgraded with that much more ease, as the state’s border with Bangladesh is almost entirely in plain areas

The trade with Tripura in particular shows a positive Balance of Trade for Bangladesh. This imparts attractiveness and logical edge to promotion of further links with a market in geographical proximity and more importantly with opportunity for Bangladesh to be competitive.

Development of transit and trans-shipment facilities via plains in Bangladesh and Tripura can help Bangladesh access and derive further economic advantages from a market that is estimated to be Rs. 20,000 crores ( US $ 5 bn or 5 times the trade deficit of Bangladesh with India ).

The eventual expansion of potential trade and commerce opportunities would require improved infrastructure on both sides of the international border. Even for Bangladesh, it would be most effective and economic to improve upon links in proximity of Tripura that already exist, require less investment and are in easily accessible plain areas of Bangladesh.

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