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Incentive on Fixed Capital Investment for Land and Civil Works

All eligible enterprises will be entitled to an incentive at the rate of 30% fixed capital investment for land and civil works, subject to an aggregate ceiling of Rs. 50 lakhs in each case.

This incentive will be disbursed against a bank guarantee in five equal annual installments, commencing from the year in which the sanction is accorded.
Procurement Preference

Subject to their meeting the quality, delivery and other specifications of the purchasing State Government Agencies, Procurement Preference will be given with effect from the date of notification of Scheme-2007 on all purchases by State Government Agencies “ including Departments / Corporations / Public Sector Enterprises / Autonomous Bodies / Aided Institutions of the State Government “ on products manufactured in Tripura by eligible enterprises, for which they are registered / Acknowledgement of Entrepreneurs Memorandum (Part-II) is issued.

The purchase preference would be applicable in case of items being procured through tendering process by the State Government Agencies. For extension of procurement preference, the landed price of the item being procured shall be calculated for all the eligible tenderers, at the destination specified by the purchaser, before the imposition of Tripura Value Added Tax or any other applicable commodity taxes under relevant Acts of the State Government on the final purchase by the State Government Agencies. The landed price would however include value added tax in the state of origin, excise duty, insurance charges, freight costs and Central Sales Tax imposed prior to the goods entering the state of Tripura, , quoted by supplier located outside Tripura.

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